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Birthday! [Feb. 16th, 2006|03:24 am]
Theology of the Matrix


Before I go too far, I will admit I've been neglecting this group horribly. Sorry about that folks.

Anyways, all of our new recruits, welcome. According to last count we have 37 members, 35 of which are watching. This is awesome.

As you can tell by this topic title, our birthday is soon. Tomorrow infact. I'll make a post, hopefully long, tomorrow with some of my own newer thoughts on the Matrix.

Anyways, I also want to note that if you have any philosophical thoughts or ideas, feel free to post them. They don't have to have anything to do with the Matrix even though a Matrix tie in is always a plus. The only no-no is posts that are just news or what not about some actor(though giving the rest of us the heads up on anything really important is nice, just make something else worthwhile in the post too. I want to avoid being the same as all of those other Matrix groups here...which I still have membership to a few of. :P)

Anyways, for comments to this particular post, if any of you have any thoughts or ideas on what I could do to make improvements to Matrix Theology, I'd live the feedback.

So, yes, welcome again to everyone new(I remember back when we had about 5 members...or even back when there was one. XD) and thank you to those of you that have hung around even with my lack of management. Happy birthday to us.